Location, Parking, and Accessibility


74 MacDonald Street, University of Guelph, Guelph Ontario Canada N1G 2W1

DirectionsCouples and Family Therapy sign Photo

The Couple & Family Therapy Centre is located at the back of MacDonald Hall, and are annexed off the main building. Please note there is currently NO access to the Couple & Family Therapy Centre from the interior of MacDonald Hall. 

Please search Macdonald Hall on the campus map https://www.uoguelph.ca/campus/map/#

General Parking:

Please visit https://www.parking.uoguelph.ca/find-parking/parking-lot-directions/parking-lots-21-30/p23p24 for parking information. Our centre is closest to Parking Lots 23 and 24. These lots have metered parking available. 

Metered parking ( $2.50 per hour) is available in the Lots 23 and 24 from 8:30am until 5:00pm. Pay with cash or use the PayByPhone app which uses your credit card information. Details on how to use the PayByPhone app can be found here https://www.parking.uoguelph.ca/paybyphone/how-do-i-pay-phone

Visitor Parking is available across the road from us in Parking Lot 44. Please visit https://www.parking.uoguelph.ca/find-parking/parking-lot-directions/parking-lots-41-70/p44 for information. This is a designated Visitors Parking Lot and has a Kiosk. Please note it is a $10.00 flat rate when arriving before noon, and a $5.00 flat rate when arriving after noon. Details can be found here https://www.parking.uoguelph.ca/find-parking/visitor-kiosk-lots

Accessible Parking:       

On Lennox Lane (off University Ave) beside the entryway to the Couple & Family Therapy Centre. A blue permit is required to park in these two spots. In P24 (off College Ave and Gordon St), there are spots with signage for accessible parking. Permits are required.

Lennox Lane (P20) behind the Lennox Building. There are two spots with signage for CCAC, these spots do not need a blue accessibility permit to park here.       


  Accessible icon transgenderThe Couple & Family Therapy Centre is an accessible space welcoming people of all diversity.